We build our websites with SEO best practices in mind so they are best optimised for Google and other search engines. We do this by implementing keywords and phrases in the metadata of your site, and by inputting the recommended amounts of content so Google doesn’t see the site as ‘thin’.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and involves building and updating your website in accordance with Google’s algorithm so you have better chances of ranking highly in search results. This involves using keywords, having a certain amount of pages, having a certain amount of content, having backlinks to your site and more.

Google will rank your website well if it seems credible and like something users will want to see. Using our knowledge of SEO, we can optimise your website so Google will see its value.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important factor for the performance of a website especially for business websites as having good SEO will help have your website ranked higher in search engines such as Google. When running a website for a business having good SEO is important since the higher your site appears in google search results the more likely people will see your site which will increase your traffic and therefore a higher chance to grow your client base.

There are eight main factors that contribute to the SEO and ranking of your site:

  • Keywords

    Targeted words aiming to have site appear for when searched

  • Regular updates

    Updating the site with new content mostly via blog posts or new pages

  • Back links

    Links on external sites that point back to your site

  • Google my business (GMB)

    Google’s business listing which makes displays your business details right in google search results for people to without entering your site

  • Local Directories

    Your local directories such as yellow pages which catalogs business within in an area making it easy for people to find all business of a type in their local area

  • Reviews

    Having good reviews on your site, GMB and social accounts improve your standing with google and therefore more likely to appear in higher spots in search results

  • Meta titles/tag

    These are invisible tags in attached to your site’s titles, images and pages which are read by a search engine to give an idea of what the page is about and what’s on it

  • Ads (Google Ads)

    Paid ads can put your site in a better position in search results then your SEO can naturally put you especially useful when first starting out with your SEO

SEO is not an instant one-time fix that will improve traffic flow to your site since all businesses in the same field is fighting to get the top rankings since having the top ranking provides the most visibility for the site to the highest number of people. Since is it very common for people looking for a product or service to just search that term and select the top result, so getting the highest rank possible is best and this requires continuous SEO work to keep ahead of competitors. Even just getting on the first page on google will dramatically improve your websites traffic as many people will only search site appearing on the first page of google and will change their search terms if they don’t find what they need.

When starting your SEO work for a site it is best to start with good keyword research to find keywords with the least competition while still being descriptive of your business and highly searchable, a keyword with no competition but is never likely to be searched is not a good keyword. When you have the keywords, you want to target, you can now start writing keyword rich content for your site, this can include rewriting existing content to use keywords more prominently. Now this may give the idea of just have random barely readable content just to add more keywords which used to be a common tactic for improving a website’s ranking. This tactic has been killed off by search engines since a page that was full gibberish and crammed with keywords is not a good experience for people to read and rarely gave the information the user was looking for, so now search engines look for readability to give high rankings and lower a site’s ranking for poorly written content. Once you have you have written keyword rich and highly readable content, you will very rarely need to redo that work but that doesn’t mean you are done with SEO. Since all websites targeting a similar user base as you are trying to get the top results on searches you will want to keep updating your site with new content to keep ahead of competition. So, while your main content doesn’t need to be rewritten it is important to continually update your site either with blog post or new pages to improve your ranking.

Rhino Computers and Technology has an highly experienced and skilled team of writers, graphic designers and developers to perform SEO with well written content, regularly updating sites with new blogs and pages as well as organizing off page optimization with Google my business and local directories. Search Engine Optimization is a time consuming and complicated task that takes time to see results as it is a slow climb up the ranks and as such it is not easy for most businesses to perform their own SEO as time taken to improve SEO rankings will mean less time on the main business functions, so letting an experienced team like us at Rhino Computers and Technology is the best way to get the best out website.

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