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Rhino Computers & Technology have the unique opportunity to offer custom built websites that will help your business capture leads and inform your audience.

A professional website is vital in modern day commerce for showing your audience who you are. More people search online to find out about a business than anywhere else and your own website gives you the opportunity to control the online narrative about your business.

Your own website can be a place for people to find out more about who you are, what you offer and why you do it. When customers are more informed about your product, they will be more likely to purchase it over your competitors.

Our Process

We create websites that are fully responsive for whatever screen they are viewed on. This is extra important these days as more and more people search for a business on their phone or tablet rather than on their computer. We perform thorough checks to make sure all buttons and links are working, no matter the screen size.

In a sea of businesses online, potential customers are looking for someone that seems trustworthy and reliable. Having a website gives your business the extra credibility it needs to show potential customers that you are real and reliable. It’s also a great place to display customer reviews and testimonials to show potential customers why they should choose you.


We build our websites with SEO best practices in mind so they are best optimised for Google and other search engines. We do this by implementing keywords and phrases in the metadata of your site, and by inputting the recommended amounts of content so Google doesn’t see the site as ‘thin’.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and involves building and updating your website in accordance with Google’s algorithm so you have better chances of ranking highly in search results. This involves using keywords, having a certain amount of pages, having a certain amount of content, having backlinks to your site and more.

Google will rank your website well if it seems credible and like something users will want to see. Using our knowledge of SEO, we can optimise your website so Google will see its value.

If you woud like to discuss building a complete online brand then you can contact us or call us on and receive a free quote.